Our Pastor

Hello Friends and Neighbors,

It is such an honor for my family to be called of the Lord to move back to our home community to serve the Lord Jesus at Enon Baptist Church. Enon already has a reputation for being a great church full of people who love each other and their community. In the days ahead we desire to build upon this foundation to see more and more people in our community enter a vibrant relationship with Jesus. The love of Jesus truly is the greatest treasure that anyone can find in this life. As a young teenager, I was the first in my family to come to faith in Jesus and though I have failed a thousand times, His love remains faithful.

In our world today it seems as though people are hurting for so many different reasons. While the Bible clearly states that Christians will face hardships in this life along with the rest of the world, we are also promised that Jesus will be with us through it all. In short, “Life is hard, but it’s harder without Jesus.”

If you are reading this today and searching for hope, meaning, and true Joy, we would love to introduce you to Jesus, or maybe help you renew your relationship with Him.

The word “Enon” means “Springs of Water.” In John chapter 4, Jesus offers to give living water to all who ask him and they will never be thirsty again. If your soul is parched and dry, we invite you to come join us as we wade into the waters of the Love of God.

Hope to see you soon!

In Christ,
Pastor Zac

**To speak to or meet with Pastor Zac, please contact Leigh Ann Blackwood, Administrative Assistant to the Pastor, to set up an appointment. Call the church office at 205-647-9614.

Pastor Zac Reno