First Sunday Family Worship is the first Sunday of every month. It's where all Kindergarten-5th grade children will worship with their parents in the Worship Center.

Why family Worship?

• It’s important for parents to model worship to their children
• It’s important for children to worship with the church corporately
• It’s important for children to hear the preaching of their Senior Pastor
• It’s important for families to experience worship together


Our vision is to partner with families to raise a generation of children who
Love God, Love People, Share Jesus, and Make Disciples.

Family Worship is just one of the many ways that we accomplish this vision.

How does this work?

• Children will attend worship with their parents in the hour they normally attend.
• When parents are in Life Group, children will attend a special kids’ service in the Children’s Building.
• So, if you attend Life Group at 9am, you will take your children to the Children’s Building for a special kids’ service, and then pick them up to bring them to worship with you at 10:30am.
• Or if you normally attend Worship at 9am, just bring your children with you to Worship, then take them to the Children’s Building at the 10:30am hour so you can attend your Adult Life Group.

How to make the most of Family Worship with your children:

• Worship starts at home! Prior to arrival get a great night’s sleep, pray with your kids about worship, and be expectant about meeting with the Lord.
• Arrive early, go potty before the service starts 😀, get a good seat up front so they can see, and explain to your kids the special importance of Family Worship.
• Special Sermon Notes Sheets for children will be available to help them stay focused during the service (bring your completed sermon notes to the Children’s Building after the service for a special treat!)
• Be a good example to your children in worship:
    –sing joyfully unto the Lord and worship freely
    –consider using a physical Bible instead of your device
    –be attentive, actively listen, and take notes during the sermon
    –remember, little eyes are always watching and learning from you
• If your child is a believer, they may participate in the Lord’s Supper. If they have not made a decision to follow Jesus, we ask that they refrain. This is a great opportunity to remind your children that the Lord’s Supper is only for those who have placed their faith in Jesus. (This can open the door to have a great gospel conversation with your child!)
• Afterwards, have conversations with your children about their experience in Family Worship (i.e., songs, sermon, and special elements within the service like baptism or Lord’s Supper.)
Nursery care for babies and pre-schoolers will still be available at both the 9:00am & 10:30am hours in the Children’s Building.
For questions or more info, contact the Church Office. | 205-647-9614

Weekly Kids Gatherings

Worship + Life Groups

• Sundays 9AM & 10:30AM
Preschool (Birth-PreK) | Elementary (Kindergarten-5th Grade)


• Wednesdays 6:30PM
Preschool (Birth-PreK) | Elementary (Kindergarten-5th Grade)

Meet our Kids Leadership Team

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Brian Rice

Minister to Children

Lisa Skinner

Preschool Ministry Director

Angela Hardiman

NextGen Ministry Coordinator

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