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Our weekly Life Groups are small groups led by gifted Bible teachers who bring God’s Word to life.

No matter your age or stage in life, our Life Groups help you connect with others and God in a fresh way.

Life Groups are designed to help you grow as a believer, to have victory in your daily walk with the Lord, and to serve Him with your own unique gifts and talents. You’ll also meet friends for life, people with common needs, people who will encourage you, rejoice with you, and pray with you.

To find a Life Group that is just right, you can start by browsing the list below, by calling the church office, or ask a greeter at the Welcome Desk in the Worship Center on Sunday Morning!

Middle & High School Students attend Life Group at the 9:00am hour and attend worship together at the 10:30am hour.

For info on our College & Grads (18-25yo), click here.

9:00am Life Groups

College+Grads - Noah Speigle

Teachers: Noah Speigle
Room: C207
Age: College+Grads (18-25 years old)

A new Life Group for College Students and young professionals (18-25 years old) has started on Sunday mornings! If you’re looking for authentic relationships, intentional community, and in depth Bible Study, we invite you to visit this Life Group led by Noah Speigle. Located on the 2nd Floor of Children’s Building, room C207.

Young Adult Co-Ed - Dan Arant

Teachers: Dan Arant
Room: C208
Age Late 20’s-Early 40s

A new Life Group for Young adults (Late 20’s-Early 40’s) has started on Sunday mornings! If you’re looking for authentic relationships, intentional community, and in depth Bible Study, we invite you to visit this Life Group led by Daniel and Lauren Arant. Located on the 2nd Floor of Children’s Building, room C208.

Adult Co-Ed - Justin Dial

Teachers: Justin Dial
Room: S110

Our Life Group is geared towards parents who desire to be in sync with and study the same curriculum as their teenagers and children—The Gospel Project—focusing on intentional discipleship of our kids and encouragement & accountability to parents. Through teaching and discussion, we seek to prepare ourselves for conversations that build faith at home.

Our Life Group is made up of parents of all ages, from grandparents to new parents.

Adult Ladies - Linda Creel

Teacher: Linda Creel
Room: W201
Age 20-70

I refer to our life group as the island of misfit toys. We are just a group of messed up women in various stages of life trying to do things the Jesus way. We love studying together and we love and support each other in the good and bad. 

Adult Ladies - Vicki Brasher & Janice Quick

Teacher: Vicki Brasher & Janice Quick
Room: C204a
Age 20-70

Women of all ages, learning God’s purpose in our lives together and lifting each other up  in prayer, support, and yes laughter as we walk this journey together.

Vicki enjoys studying, learning, and sharing with others about God’s Word.  It is the lifeline of her day to spend time in His Word.  She is a visual learner and teacher, so expect to see object lessons and visuals to guide our understanding of God’s Word.  Most importantly, she loves sharing the nuggets of truth God has hidden for those that seek Him.  She is married  to her high school sweetheart, Jeff, and they have three daughters and four grandchildren.

Adult Men - Johnny Love

Teacher: Johnny Love
Room: W-203
Age 20-65

Our Life Group is for men of all ages working to make disciples through teaching and group discussion. Our group enjoys working outside and lending a helping hand to families when in need.  Our group enjoys hunting, fishing, racing and about any activity we can do outside.

Adult Co-Ed - Leigh Ann Blackwood

Teacher: Leigh Ann Blackwood
Room: C204b
Age 40-60

Adult Co-Ed - Mark Hill

Teacher: Mark Hill & Charlie Dodd
Room: C203
Age 45-70

Our Life Group seeks to understand God’s word and then apply it to our everyday lives. We utilize the Bible study based on Explore the Bible material provided by Lifeway Ministries. This study focuses on a book-by-book study through the Bible. Our goal is to be challenged each week by reading and understanding scripture; then individually determining what changes we need to make in our walk with the Lord so that we may grow closer to Him and mature in our Christian walk. Most of our class members have college age or young adult children.

We start our class each week sharing praises for what God has done in the lives of our members during the past week and then sharing prayer needs for the coming days.

Our class enjoys a breakfast fellowship during class time once a month, going out to dinner, and serving out in local community.

Mark and his wife Pam, have been married 39 years, have 4 children, and 9 grandchildren. He has taught Bible study for the past 35 years.

Senior Adult Co-Ed - Ron Allen

Teacher: Ron Allen
Room: Fellowship Hall (across the street from the Worship Center)
Age 50+

Our Life Group is for those wanting to study God’s word and then turn it into action.  You will find class members singing in the choir, working security during services, greeting folks as they arrive for worship, counseling those who want to make a decision for Christ or join Enon, working in church wide events, and just sitting quietly with a friend offering encouragement and prayer.  We are diverse in age, personalities, background, and interests but many would say we are “family” and have found a “home” together. If you like to laugh, love, share, give, and serve together, this might be your new “home”.

Ron Allen will celebrate 44 years of marriage with his wife Mary Ann in 2018.  They have 3 daughters, 6 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren. Ron has been the teacher of this class for over 8 years.

Senior Adult Co-Ed - Gary Wood

Teacher: Gary Wood
Room: S101 (Student Worship Room)
Age 65+

Description coming soon!

10:30am Life Groups

Young Adult Co-Ed - Matt Ingle

Teacher: Matt Ingle
Room: C202
Age Late 20’s-Early 40s

A NEW Life Group for Young adults (Late 20’s-Early 40’s) is starting on Sunday, August 14! If you’re looking for authentic relationships, intentional community, and in depth Bible Study, we invite you to visit this Life Group led by Matt Ingle. Located on the 2nd Floor of Children’s Building, room C202.

Young Adult Co-Ed - Scott Hicks

Teacher: Scott Hicks
Room: C204b
Age 20-30

Young adults are invited to connect with this new Life Group that is made of up engaged, newly married, and even single people. We are all primarily in our 20’s and we have a monthly emphasis on marriage where we study and implement what God’s design for marriage is.

Young Adult Co-Ed - Tyler Haynes

Teacher: Tyler Haynes
Room: C209
Age 25-40

Our life group focuses on younger, married couples with the desire to learn more about God, ourselves, our families, and each other. Through the sharing of praise reports, burdens, or needs, we take full advantage of the opportunity to pray collectively for one another throughout the week. Together we read, study, and openly discuss God’s word while highlighting the application to our stage of life as spouses, parents, coworkers, and friends. Our group doesn’t take ourselves too seriously and enjoys a good laugh now and then, whether in the classroom each Sunday morning or during a time of fellowship on the weekend.

Tyler will celebrate 15 years of marriage to his high school sweetheart, Jennifer, in 2018.  They have been members of EBC for almost 14 years.  They have two daughters, Abbey and Chloe, and one son, Paxton.  With an engineering background, Tyler has spent his entire career in manufacturing operations.

Adult Co-Ed - Joe Turner

Teacher: Joe Turner
Room: W205
Age 30-55

Joe Turner’s Adult Co-Ed Life Group is geared toward those who desire to dig more deeply into the Word of God through a book-by-book Bible study based on Explore the Bible (the study plan can be found here). The class focuses on understanding the Bible in its original context so that it can be more effectively applied to the lives of modern readers. Our members’ ages range from 30-55, but all are welcome.

Outside of class time, our group seeks to build community through various service opportunities and social gatherings held throughout the year, including ladies’ nights, men’s movie trips, and holiday gatherings. Every event includes food and fun!

Joe Turner teaches English, theatre, and the Bible as literature at Mortimer Jordan High School. He is married to Wendy, and they have an adult son, Blake.

Adult Co-Ed - Steve Knox

Teacher: Steve Knox
Room: C208
Age 40-60

God chose 12 ordinary men (the 12 disciples) to take an extraordinary message to an ordinary people needing a Savior. This Life Group is focused on the Gospel Project curriculum and allowing ordinary Christians to participate and grow through missions or other leadership roles that will be explored and studied. Preparations for the class will be while the lesson is happening, so don’t worry about being unprepared! Please pray about attending this class and discovering the extraordinary things God can accomplish through ordinary Christians like us!

Adult Co-Ed - Bud Anderson

Teacher: Bud Anderson
Room: S101 (Student Worship Room)
Age 50+

“You are the salt of the earth… You are the light of the world.” Matt. 5:13-14

Salt and Light… two metaphors Jesus used to describe His followers. Just as salt enhances the flavor of food, we as Christians should enhance the world around us through the faithful study of and obedience to God’s word. And just as light illuminates the darkness, we are to shine God’s truth into the lives of those around us and in the world for His kingdom and for His glory.

Join us as we study and apply God’s word to our hearts with a focus on impacting the lives of those around us and the world. Come and discover how to be “Salt and Light”.

Bud has two daughters and his wife, Nancy, has a daughter and a son. They have been married for 30 years and have two grandchildren.

Senior Adult Co-Ed - Bob Haun

Teacher: Bob Haun
Room: S112
Age 60-80

Description coming soon!

Senior Adult Ladies - Charlotte Denton

Teacher: Charlotte Denton
Room: S110
Age 60-80

Our Life Group is composed of women who want to learn and apply God’s Word through teaching and interaction with the group.  As we study the scriptures, we seek to grow in our personal and spiritual lives. Most ladies are 60 through 80 years young and are married, widowed, or single. We pray that our love for Christ and each other is evident in our study time, fellowship, and mission projects.

Senior Adult Men - Steve Belcher

Teacher: Steve Belcher
Room: S111
Age 60+

Description coming soon!

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