Connect to a Life Group

Our weekly Life Groups are small groups led by gifted Bible teachers who bring God’s Word to life.

No matter your age or stage in life, our Life Groups help you connect with others and God in a fresh way.

Life Groups are designed to help you grow as a believer, to have victory in your daily walk with the Lord, and to serve Him with your own unique gifts and talents. You’ll also meet friends for life, people with common needs, people who will encourage you, rejoice with you, and pray with you.

To find a Life Group that is just right, you can start by browsing the list below, by calling the church office, or ask a greeter at the Welcome Desk in the Worship Center on Sunday Morning!

College & Career

Teacher: Brad & Ashley Stockman

Room: CB-204a

Adult Men

Teacher: Johnny Love & Jeff Creel

Room: WC-203

Senior Adult Men

Teacher: Steve Belcher

Room: YB-111

Adult Ladies

Teacher: Linda Creel

Room: WC-201

Adult Ladies

Teacher: Carol Sullivan

Room: YB-108

Senior Adult Ladies

Teacher: Charlotte Denton

Room: YB-105

Senior Adult Ladies

Teacher: Kate Myers

Room: WC-103

Singles & Divorced

Teacher: Jeff & Vickie Brasher

Room: WC-202

Newly Married Young Adult Co-Ed

Teacher: Malin Hayes

Room: CB-201

Young Adult Co-Ed

Teacher: Tyler Haynes

Room: CB-209

Parents/Adult Co-Ed

Teacher: Donny Young & Dominic Kendall

Room: CB-208

For parents who want to be in sync with and study the same curriculum as their children: The Gospel Project, focusing on intentional discipleship of our kids and encouragement & accountability to parents.

Adult Co-Ed

Teacher: Leigh Ann Blackwood

Room: CB-204b

Adult Co-Ed

Teacher: Joe Turner

Room: WC-205

Adult Co-Ed

Teacher: Jerome Cantrell

Room: CB-202

Adult Co-Ed

Teacher: Mark Hill & Charlie Dodd

Room: CB-203

Adult Co-Ed

Teacher: Bud Anderson

Room: YB-110

Senior Adult Co-Ed

Teacher: Bob Haun

Room: YB-112

Senior Adult Co-Ed

Teacher: Ron Allen


Senior Adult Co-Ed

Teacher: Gary Wood

Room: WC-101 (Choir Room)

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